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Do you have a shipment with ABT Parcel? Enter the ABT Parcel tracking number to check the current status of your parcel/shipment.

About ABT

If you need a package delivered quickly and reliably, go no farther than A B T Parcel Service, one of the industry’s forerunners and leaders. This business has been serving customers in the Indian market for decades, allowing them to guarantee timely deliveries.

While other delivery services were struggling during the crisis, this one was raking in massive profits. The Narol location in Ahmedabad is a major hub from which they provide all of their services.

Depending on the sensitivity of the items being transported, the company’s fleet of over 350 vehicles may accommodate a wide variety of containers. All of the packages are delivered on schedule by professional drivers who are familiar with the requirements. They serve over eight states through an extensive network of hundreds of thousands of routes.

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Its more than 500 service locations are responsible for keeping track of vehicles’ histories and providing routine upkeep. Everything in the stores is automated so that staff can easily communicate and coordinate the many moving parts. More than 6 tons of cargo are transported annually by them.

ABT Tracking

Keeping tabs on ABT is easy, detailed, and real-time. It was designed for your ease of use so that you can track your package from the moment you send it. Everything that happens to your package from the time it leaves the distribution center or drop-off location to the time it arrives in your neighborhood is tracked and recorded.

To follow the progress of your package no matter where it is in the world, you’ll need a tracking number or ID. A tracking number or ID can typically be obtained from the shipping company or online store.

ABT Parcel Service Tracking
ABT Parcel Service Tracking

With this tool, you can see exactly where your package is on Google Maps at any given time. Currently, only ABT packages are supported. Packages can be tracked directly from the carrier’s website or through 1tracking.com using merely the package’s tracking number. Afterwards, a Google Map will open up and show you where your shipment is at the moment.

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ABT Customer Care

Abt’s customers can reach well-qualified and award-winning Customer Service and Technical Advisors via toll-free number 7 days a week. If you have any questions, our Technical Advisors have answers.

Contact: 800-860-3577

Phone number: 1800 425 2675.

Email ID: [email protected].

Head Office Address: 180, RACE COURSE ROAD, COIMBATORE-641018, Tamil Nadu.

Working hours: Mon-Sat (9:00 am – 7:00 pm)

Website: https://www.abt.com/help


How do I track ABT Parcel Service?

Use your tracking number to check the whereabouts of your Abt package, packet, cargo, or parcel.

Why is my ABT parcel not being tracked?

The most common reason for a lack of updates in a parcel tracking system is a brief pause in the delivery process or the tracking system itself. The only time you need to get in touch with us is if the delivery date for your ABT package has gone and you still haven’t received it.